Charlie Jeanmard founder
         It was back in 1984 when I first met Mr. Charlie and his daughter, Becky came in one day to show and sell us the World Famous "Becky's Jigs". Mr. Charlie said that you do not have to useany special knot with this jig any knot will do. That is how I met him and learned about his jigs. The other things that are special about the bait's that he told me was that they are well balanced, the molds for the head were hand made by Mr. Charlie, and the "Becky's Jigs" was the closest thing he ever seen to live bait because of its natural apperance. He did not only make the jig to sell, he had a passion to put into every one of his jigs. But sadly Mr. Charlie passed away on March 8, 2005 at the time he would usually be hooking up to his boat and going fishing.
        The "Becky's Jigs" company was passed down to his daughter Mrs. Becky
Jeanmard when her father, Mr. Charlie could not handle the company anymore. In 2004
she decided to sell the company. That was when all of the fisherman in the area were
wondering where or when they would have this popular bait including Margo and Brad
Migues. So we decided to hook into a deal with Mrs. Jeanmard and purchased the companyfrom her.
        I was a commercial fisherman for 30 years. I have sport fished for crappie or white
perch. During this time with my wife Margo and children for pleasure. When Mrs. Jeanmard started making the "Becky's Jigs" we tried them out and have fished with them ever since.I found the "Becky's Jigs" to be very very good baits. They are very durable and long lasting baits. These baits also catch limits of big crappie time and time again. These baits Ifind to out fish any other baits for pan fish and crappie. The "Becky's Jigs" are made with extra strong Aberdeen hooks and the finest materials that can be found.